“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Is Monday a good day for you?  Did you hit the ground running because you took a few minutes on Sunday evening to plan the coming week?  Did you start making appointments for this week, last week?

Alfred White, an associate commissioner in Conference-USA tells athletes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  It’s fairly simple but oh so true and definitely applies to sales and marketing reps.

Monday is usually a bad day to call on adjusters (in large offices), unless perhaps for lunch or an after hours refreshment break.

That makes it a great day for hard core strategizing, calling on smaller one or two man offices, insurance sales agencies, or sparsely populated regions.

It’s also a great day to meet with your “Collective” or “Master Mind” Group.  This is a group from which you can draw strength and energy in taking on the task of Soft Selling Hardened Claims Adjusters.

Peter Crosa has been a licensed independent adjuster for more than 35 years, handling insurance claims throughout the United States and Latin America. Since 2000, he has traveled across the country conducting seminars and speeches on the topic of marketing restoration services to the insurance claims industry. He is author of the 2013/2014 Restoration Contractors Guide to Insurance Repair. Visit his website at www.petercrosa.net or e-mail him at Peter@petercrosa.net to ask a question.

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