Does it pay to Partner with similar Service Providers?

Here’s a trend I’ve observed in recent months and I urge you to consider putting this into play with your organization.

It pays to form associations with other similar service providers from outlying, non-competitive areas.  For example, I’ve seen smaller independent adjusters form alliances (not mergers) with other independents around the country to form one “network” to serve clients throughout a territory larger than one small operator could have done without the associaton.

This does several things.  It allows you to share information on clients.  A service provider in Peoria may have a client that can make assignments to a service provider in Miami.  The fact that the two service providers are members of the same “network”, increases the chances that the client will use the Miami firm.  And it works both ways.

Another thing it does is allow a smaller service provider to offer services to a wider territory.  Insurance companies (and the vendor management software they use) are increasingly attuned to using the vendor closest to the loss site.

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