Draw Close to your Support!

I spoke to two different company adjusters last week.  One in New York and one in Atlanta.  Each one told me that their respective companies had been acquired by two different international firms.  In one case, the new owners were moving the claims operation to Wisconsin and in the other case, no one knew for sure but the general feeling was that they might be out of a job in six to twelve months.

This scenario has increased exponentially under the current economic climate.  The first result is that the relationships with adjusters that you’ve worked to maintain may now be strained (due to economic fears) or completely disintegrated.  This emphasizes the importance of an affiliation be it a national or regional franchise, licensing, or even a loose business association of similar but non-competing vendors.  This is a climate where, not only do you continue to maintain relationships as possible, but you also reinforce your brand to the general market.  The greater the brand recognition is the better off you’ll be.

Not knowing where your clients will end up means that you have to continue positioning your services to the entire market (however nebulous and ever changing it might be).  Draw close to your “Collective Mind” support group ( See Soft-selling Hardened Claims Adjusters at www.petercrosa.net for more info on building a Collective Mind Support Group).SSHCA logo 2

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