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Continually positioning your firm…

Even if you want to remain in a preferred vendor program, you must continually position your company in the minds of the adjusters who decide which vendor to call.


I’m hearing this from preferred vendors who spend a fair amount of time on promo & entertainment for adjuster business even though they are supposed to be on a call rotation.


This is because the adjuster who draws your company via the rotation list can always say he tried to reach you but got a busy signal (and he needed someone right away) or he left voice mail and no one called him back in time, etc.


I asked a contractor if he minded jumping through hoops to get on a preferred vendor program? I asked him if he had any interest in working the ten story motel flood that he’d likely never get from the preferred vendor program (because they’re predominantly dealing with HO losses).


He answered, “frankly, no. Virtually all of my business is from homeowner losses.  I was running into the PVP’s anyway so I figured I might as well join them. That’s my reality and I’m comfortable with that.


But for the restorer or mitigator who wants to grow and take on greater challenges in an insurance claims climate that is less restrictive and promises larger losses at greater profit,  there is a way.  It involves a committment to learning more about the insurance claims industry.



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