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Ask for the Business!

I recently had an opportunity to sit in on a vendor Q & A session with several insurance company Claim Vice Presidents from around the country.  It was an annual conference in a resort setting and it goes without saying that this makes a difference in a claim rep’s disposition and congeniality.  First point of value here is; try to meet adjusters at conferences held at resort settings.  They’re much more laid-back and friendly.

But that’s not my main point.  I thought it was interesting that one of the CVP’s stated that ” a vendor has to ask for my business.”  To me this means that you can make a great presentation, you can provide CEU’s, and you can wine and dine but if you don’t specifically ask for business, it won’t necessarily be given.

Another point that became evident is that when you’re going to be interfacing with adjusters over a two day or more period, you can’t pounce on them the first day.  Refrain from the Feeding Frenzy that inexperienced vendors engage in when first meeting hundreds of adjusters.  Let them get to know you as fellow attendees or students.  Win them over with your demeanor.  Then near the end of the conference make the “pitch that sticks.”

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